VFNI 01 - Verena Bustillo - Spain - Vogue Fashion´s Night Out

Fashion's Night In

September 01, 2021
Madrid, Spain | Virtual, In-Person

Every year Vogue takes over Madrid for one night, an unmissable date where sponsored activations from top fashion and retail brands attract thousands of people with a celebrity photocall, concerts, games, and contests, as well as a private event at Casa Vogue. In 2020 Vogue Fashion's Night Out became Vogue Fashion's Night In, a virtual experience with digital games, activations, concerts, and quality content featuring retro gaming aesthetics. 2021’s VFNO will offer a virtual experience and, if permited, offer exclusive street fashion or in-store experiences.

Lukas Graham
Eve B
Dora Postigo
Paula Cendejas
VFNO 01 - Verena Bustillo - Spain - Vogue Fashion´s Night Out


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