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Leveraging Condé Nast’s authentic editorial voices, brand-driven storytelling, and enthusiastic fan base, we produce the most renowned events in the world. From multi-day festivals to intimate gatherings, thought-leader conversations to shopping experiences, Condé Nast creates culture—on-stage and on-screen. Together, Condé Nast can collaborate with your brand to deliver meaningful moments that educate, engage, and inspire.
Our Impact
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Brand Alignment

Aligning your brand with our world-renowned is made through pre & post communication with your desired audience, innovative branding inclusion, and sampling and engagement opportunities.

Thought Leadership

Our editors and event programming expert will work to seamlessly integrate your executives into panel, keynotes, and workshop to allow for organic and impactful thought leadership opportunities.

Lead Generation

Condé Nast will create unique partnership opportunities to ensure lead generation for consumer acquisition through white papers, shoppable experiences and networking to deliver on ROI.


Condé Nast’s holistic approach to bringing our partners' brands to life includes targeted marketing campaigns via proprietary channels, content syndication and more. With a unified voice, together we can create influence beyond a moment in time.