Vogue Picnic 4 - giles.heasman(何家樂) - Taiwan - Vogue Picnic


April 24, 2021
Taipei, Taiwan | In-Person

Vogue Picnic is one of Taipei’s most anticipated outdoor events, engaging audiences in the broader lifestyle category beyond high fashion and luxury with a fun, stylish spring day out with family and friends. Dajia Riverside Park sets the scene for a delightful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city that the river dissects, with a main stage for live music performances by popular artists, and some 50 stalls offering picnickers a variety of food, drinks, and exclusive products. Partners make meaningful brand-consumer connections with creative experiential opportunities.

Crowd Lu
Arrow Wei
Vogue Picnic 1 - giles.heasman(何家樂) - Taiwan - Vogue Picnic
“I take my friends to Vogue Picnic every year without fail. There’s music performances and loads of tasty food and fun stalls. The best thing is all the special offers from brands you can get. It’s a great day out!"
Audrey Hsu, Attendee

Chupa Chups

Brand Alignment

Chupa Chups 2 - giles.heasman(何家樂) - Taiwan - Vogue Picnic - Sponsor 2

Food Panda

Brand Alignment

Food Panda 3 - giles.heasman(何家樂) - Taiwan - Vogue Picnic - Sponsor 1
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